The Gates
"A Luxury Self Sustaining Protected Off-Grid Build."

A Secure Customized Enclave Build. Fully Self Sustaining Project.

Tired of the rat race and the issues with city life? Are you worried about the food supply, our economic future and potential civil unrest? Do you yearn for a peaceful, secure, luxurious environment nestled in the woods? Do you want a spacious log cabin retreat that is durable with security features and has self-sustaining capability for you and your family with all of the amenities you could ever want.

1. Internal, filtered tested water supply.
2. Full light farming sustainable.
3. Advanced Fencing and Security Systems.
4. Off-grid energy backup.  
5. 100% Fiber option.  
6.Independent Septic system.
7. Landscaping and clearing.
8. Build of Choice with Contract.


A draw down construction contract will be forwarded upon agreement outlining the schedule, terms and conditions.

A design and improvement fee of is due upon start. This will execute our site build and acreage allocation, start the design process with our team and execute the site improvement deliverables in your build contract.

Once the agreed to site improvements are installed your next deposit will be due to execute the grey shell build, to full enclosure. This includes the structural build, any veneer's and external installations.

After this phase the next deposit is due which will complete the interior and finalize all livability issues on the property. A final payment is due upon inspected completion.

A Rare Opportunity

The Gates is located in rural Spring City, TN. It is surrounded by a tree farm, acres and acres of natural forest, and protected land.

Recent and planned Improvements
It has  accommodating private drives, planned cisterns, a large common area and privacy as well as customization options.
The Area
Police, Fire, Schools and shopping are within 20 minutes. Walking trails, brooks and a pond are on property. The playgrounds of Knoxville, Nashville, Chattanooga and Sieverville are all within reach.